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New Brunswick Southwest

Karen Ludwig

Your member of parliament for

New Brunswick Southwest


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M-154: Study on the Situation of Canada’s

Endangered Whale Species

Living on the Bay of Fundy, my interests in the protection and recovery of whales was initially based on my experience locally, and what they mean to us from ecological, cultural, and economic standpoint. The dramatic loss of seventeen Right Whales during 2017 heightened my interest, resulting in M-154. With two other whale species at risk, the Southern Resident Killer Whale and the St. Lawrence Estuary Beluga, it was clear that it was time for action and Canadians from coast-to-coast to-coast are deeply concerned about the long-term protection and recovery of these magnificent mammals.
~ Karen Ludwig, MP

Once, thousands of whales could be found in our oceans. Today, we are faced with dwindling populations and an increased threat to three at-risk whale species in Canada: the Southern Resident Killer Whale, the St. Lawrence Estuary Beluga, and the North Atlantic Right Whale.

I introduced Motion 154 which mandates the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans be instructed to undertake a study on the situation of endangered whales in Canada.

Through this study, the Committee will consider, among other things:


Scientific Name: Orcinus orca
Region: Pacific Ocean
Status: Endangered
Current Estimated Population:  76

The range of the southern resident population includes water adjacent to Vancouver where there is high shipping traffic and other human impacts.

Due to the extremely small population, there are only 3 pods left.

Scientific Name: Delphinapterus leucas
Region: Quebec
Status: Endangered
Current Estimated Population:  900

Before 1885, the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf Beluga population was 10,000.  Whaling for Belugas has been banned since 1979, but there has been no population recovery.

The St. Lawrence Estuary beluga whale population is the southernmost beluga population.

Scientific Name: Eubalaena glacialis
Region: Atlantic Ocean
Status: Endangered
Current Estimated Population: 450

Among the most endangered whales on the planet.The female population decreased from 200 in 2010 to 105 in 2015.

While ship strikes are a major, usually fatal, hazard for right whales, entanglement in fishing gear is emerging as another factor.